Foxfire Geophysics


You’ve had a team of archaeologists pushing shovels for months, if not years. An historian has compiled all the oral history and written records. Lab specialists have gone cross-eyed analyzing the growing assemblage of pottery, lithics, and faunal remains. And yet, there’s still more to learn from this site.

How big is the site? What lies hidden between excavation units? Could you have missed the most important cultural features?

Foxfire Geophysics is an expert consulting firm specializing in subsurface geophysical imaging for archaeology and related research areas. Woman-owned and operated, we are classically-trained archaeologists with highly specialized skills in the best geophysical techniques, instruments and data processing software in the world. As products of the new school of archaeo-geophysics, we are pioneers in bringing the best new technology into commercial practice. Foxfire Geophysics specializes in the use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometry, resistivity, conductivity, and magnetic susceptibility subsurface imaging for archaeology. We collect, analyze, and interpret data utilizing all the major geophysical methods, as well as microtopography and emerging technologies.

If you’re fortunate enough to be writing a research design on a site that’s yet unstudied, you now have a unique opportunity to sense the invisible without disturbing cultural strata that lies intact. Let the geophysical data help you target or avoid sensitive deposits and direct you to the areas of high-potential for significant cultural features—saving time and financial resources while preserving the integrity of your site.

Put us to work, and see how a collaboration with Foxfire Geophysics can help you deliver definitive answers to civilization’s toughest archeological questions.

Independent and minority-owned